#1 The February Show


All the excitement! Our first show, cobbled together in the last fortnight… What a steep learning curve its been.. The January show contains some excellent stuff: Notts Indymedia audio features on local campaigns against the BNP, on how Jobseekers are now being subjected to lie-detector software and an interview with someone from the Sumac Skillshare. We’re also playing music from Satnam’s Tash, ccmixter.org and a couple of exclusive tracks from Nottingham’s infectious reggae band Moonbuggy. Download, listen, distribute and comment! If you have any suggestions/music for next month’s show or would like to help out, please get in touch..

Download: mp3 | ogg vorbis

Listen: player in browser

Other: stream link


Mashed Up – Moonbuggy
BNP Audio Feature – Notts Indymedia
Star Wars – Satnam’s Tash
Dirty Grimey (Infected Mix) – Mactonite
Jobseekers on lie detectors Audio Feature – Notts Indymedia
Gafroor Balev – Kinoro Shel Rothschild
Upcoming Events Listing
Interview with Eleanor from Sumac Skillshare
We Are (featuring Dr David Suzuki) – Teru
Funella – Moonbuggy


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3 Responses to “#1 The February Show”

  1. Tash Says:

    Just thought I’d comment and say a ‘jolly well done guys’. Well have to try some ‘phone-ins’ and a variety of guests. Looking forward to the next gig /pod. Muchly good. Tash

  2. maht Says:

    well done people, looking forward to the next one

  3. Johnny M Says:

    F”ckin A

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