The Badly Hard Show


Riseup! Radio has received this one off radio show, made by extreme noise nuts Alan Baddely and Michael Hardt, and we add this as an extra to our normal programming. The show comes with a warning; “This show contains some really loud music which you might find offensive. If so, please click away now”. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.. if you dare listen..

Download: mp3 | ogg vorbis

Listen: player in browser

Other: stream link


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9 Responses to “The Badly Hard Show”

  1. Evan Says:



    This show is a bit too hard, I’m sorry.


  2. JelleW Says:

    Michael Hardt, what a cool show!!! I really laughed my ass off at 00:16:00 There where some (read few) things i did like though. I really like your voice, Michael Hardt. Keep it up! haha… 😉

    JelleW, centre of the galaxy

  3. Russ Says:

    Once again I am getting a M3U file not the MP3 on the podcast feed, Am I doing something wrong? I want MP3 to arrive automatically please.
    Still I am looking forward to hearing the show.
    Keep up the good work

  4. wouter Says:


    Can it get any louder? Can it get any better?! After almost 2 hours not only my ears are bleeding, my stomach is hurting like hell from all the laughter 😉

  5. riseupradio Says:


    We will look into this, however for now please go to:

    to download the mp3.

    Best wishes,


  6. sgt pepper Says:

    whats all this hard nonsense??
    sounds like deep handbag house to me tinged with a bit of r n b…
    i want it harder and harder and damned harder.!! ya get me
    you guys should check some IRONCORE out or some BEDROCK.
    its so hard you cant even smash it with a sledge hammer.
    any way i dont mean to piss and moan, its a top show drop a hardish one for me……. sgt p

  7. Disillusioned kid Says:

    Jeezus Fucking H. C. Christ!

    My head just imploded…

  8. terror boy Says:

    dudes this is sweat, not sure about the r n b bit though but like sgt pepper said harder harder harder dont be scared, great show, you guys crack me up

  9. mr presenter Says:

    hmm hope we can do another one at some point.. only that both of us are about 20.000 miles apart…

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