#3 The April Show


Welcome to another superduper action packed edition of your Riseup Radio chock full of local news, tunes & interviews. This month we’ve got info about the upcoming week of action for autonomous spaces and what might be going off in Nottingham; we’ll be talking to Dan who’s just returned from the Antartic on a whale saving mission and and we’ve been talking to someone from Nottingham’s Defy ID group on whats happening locally on resisting the government’s proposed ID card system. Also an interview about legal advice for activists, a promotion about a recently setup cooperative dealing with activist equipment and a report from those who joined the blockade at Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment near Reading from Nottingham and Leicester. Oh, and a whole load of cracking good home grown music including Idiot Joy, 3am Association and Muteqx. Enjoy 😉

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0:01:45 Track: ‘Rev Jim Bishop’ by Idiot Joy
0:06:21 Interview: With Darren about action week for autonomous spaces
0:12:25 Track: ‘I am Techno’ by 3am Association
0:17:03 Interview: With Dan about his experiences in the recent Sea Shepherd mission against whaling
0:27:42 Track: ‘Sophie’s Song’ by 3am Association
0:32:27 Report: What’s been happening with the issue of uniforms in our libraries? And what do library users have to say about it?
0:40:03 Track: ‘Neptune’ by Muteqx
0:45:08 Report: Nottingham And Leicester Join Aldermaston Anniversary
0:54:06 Promotions: So what is this AT Coop all about?
0:57:42 Interview: Nottingham Defy ID tells us about their campaign
1:02:13 Interview: Why activists need to care about legal stuff
1:09:14 Track: ‘Tonight’ by Matt Hinton


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5 Responses to “#3 The April Show”

  1. Johnny M Says:

    really cool,well done good to hear about the longlines etc as well as whales& how it isnt tradition for Japanese to kill them also. & links with Ecuador government sea shep have. At mo they have to use the jolly roger though really the UN,governments & massive international cooperative alliance which Sumac & Veggies & Sumac is a very small part of should be paying them.
    I really like that Sea shepherd is also called Neptunes Navy, this arouses passions for many sea lovers & sailors including naval people who actually used to have neptune ceremonies in respect of the sea,
    pollywogs is not same as the insult gollywog.

  2. Johnny M Says:

    I can only seem to hear half of the show with Kaffeine player from Kubuntu Linux

  3. Matt Hinton Says:

    cheers for the support guys and great show.
    Check out the SEND weblog for news and stuff

  4. Matt Hinton Says:

    ooops. the blog link http://sendproject.wordpress.com

  5. dunk Says:

    good stuff lads, enjoyed the show, ta for posting on imc-ie re “IMC-RADIO back online”.

    we’ll see how things develop, already irish heads thinking off similar show form ie

    adeu from Barcelona


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