#7 The August Show


A very special show for a very special month! Almost entirely recorded at the Sumac Garden Party, on 20th July, it features live recordings from bands such as Kambasemba, Wholesome Fish and the Bonsai Project. The Garden Party took place to raise funds and awareness for the Climate Camp and there was plenty of it.. There is also a report from the strawbale building going on at the Ecoworks allotment, there is talk of the upcoming mobilisation against the BNP festival and a wicked report by Louisa from the Forest Fields Community Centre Open Day. Also poetry by Howard and Ceinie reports from Scrufts, the first Forest Fields dog show. And there’s some more stuff but you’ll have to tune in to find out more.. We’ll be off to the Climate Camp this coming week. You can follow live radio coverage from UK Indymedia.

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00:00:00 ~ Intro ~
00:01:04 Track: Kambasemba, recorded live at the Sumac Garden Party
00:06:10 Talk about the Sumac Garden Party
00:09:26 Report: Strawbale Building at the Ecoworks allotment
00:18:30 Track: Wholesome Fish, recorded live at the Sumac Garden Party
00:21:18 Report: Talk about the mobilisation against the BNP festival
00:23:47 Track: Bonsai Project, recorded live at the Sumac Garden Party
00:27:33 ~ Upcoming gigs ~
00:29:22 Louise reports from Forest Fields Community Centre Open Day
00:33:46 Dom talks about his new show
00:35:30 Interview: Dom talks with an activist from Notts Against No New Coal
00:37:41 Interview: give it up for Climate Camp Radio!
00:42:18 Poetry: ‘Ecology’, by rap-poet Howard
00:44:58 Report: Ceinie reports from Scrufts, Forest Field’s first Dog Show
00:47:08 Track: Bonsai Project, recorded live at the Sumac Garden Party
00:51:27 Random Irish Song, recorded live at the Sumac Garden Party


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7 Responses to “#7 The August Show”

  1. bored Says:

    mind knumbingly boring!

  2. Dave Bass Says:

    Well “bored”, it’s a community podcast, so if you think it’s boring, why not get involved and make a piece on something you’d find interesting to listen to? There’s no point just sitting there complaining about something other people have done, unless you are prepared to have a go at doing a better job of it yourself!

    Besides, nobody is forcing you to listen to it, so exercise your judgement and switch it off. (I mean really… what kind of weirdo sits there freely listening to stuff they aren’t interested in, and then complains about it!? Just do something else!)

  3. Antoine Bonsai Says:

    Indoor bonsai should normally be watered every two or three days. Antoine Bonsai

  4. davID Says:

    As one of my early teachers used to say [I’ve since thought quite cleverly!]

    “it’s not THIS that’s boring – it’s YOU that’s bored…”

    …see – clever, as a kid you spend so much time working that out it has the desired effect and you shut up 😉

    I’m just interested to hear what’s going on. I’m new to this area… the straw house thing was good. I found the images online. I’d like to get involved.

    Plus… The Bonsai track was great… being a Burroughs fan etc….


  5. Rohland Says:

    Not in my neighborhood, Mister!

    Buy me something!

  6. Balliew Says:

    cool picsxx

  7. Buy Digital Radio Says:

    It`s great to see a site dedicated to a local community . Good luck to you.

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