#9 The October Show


This month Matt makes us a lovely pasta dish with some garlic bread and we share stories from our community. Ali from the Bonsai project sings us three songs and Tinman plays tunes from locals Metaphi, C.Shamanic, Kamal and the Freakcullector. Sam brings us up to speed on her recent high seas piracy in Ireland, Tom gives us details of upcoming events in the Nottingham Student Peace Movement. Jacque recounts last months Sumac debate and gives us the details of future discussions. We get a description of the talk Roberto Perez recently gave which is now available to download from the Riseup site. We hear about the vegan skillshare and the free food giveaway in town. Finally Tinman puts in an idea about energy saving inspired by his housemates.


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00:00:00 ~ Intro ~

00:00:30 Track: Ali – Sex Toys

00:03:20 What we found this week

00:05:00 Track: Metaphi, from forthcoming Wigflex EP

00:07:30 Sam talks to Eva about recent events in Rosport, Ireland

00:16:00 Heckle those cocks intro, recorded at the Sumac

00:16:50 Track: C. Shamanic – Guns dont kill people, rappers do

00:20:40 Tom tells Dom about NSPM

00:26:30 Report: Jacques leaks info on Sumac debates

00:28:00 Report: Roberto Perez talk

00:34:20 Track: Ali get up late

00:37:00 Events diary [Track: Geiom Hydropine (Island Noise) ]

00:42:23 Track: Freakcullector Flexibleunmixed

00:48:00 Report: Alex talks about the vegan skillshare

00:51:00 Track: Ali Geldof


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3 Responses to “#9 The October Show”

  1. Russell & Rocio Jenkins Says:

    Thanks for another great show, the sound quality was terrible this time though. Sometimes loud sometimes quite with loud music, over the up comming events section for example. Well, we are looking forward to comming to the radio workshops and getting more involved.

    Thanks again

    Russ and Rocio

  2. solomon Says:

    I came across this sight thanx to my friend charlie; i’m so pleased he brought you to my awareness. The shows are great and we need more of this stuff.

    tuning in


  3. Tinman Says:

    Apologise to all for the mix of this show – it was my first attempt at editing and I recognise quite how rubbish it was. Unfortunately the quality of the in studio recordings was so dreadful and hissy that if I had “normalised” everything the hiss would’ve been unbearable. In hindsight the backing music to the events was probably totally unecessary and certainly too loud – as I say I was trying to mask the hiss.
    The recording of the show was generally pretty shambolic and I ended up cutting and slicing different bits totally out of order from how it was recorded – this added to the levels issue.
    This month we’ve hopefully got much better quality studio recordings. Plus I’m not touching the editing so I’m sure it’ll be top notch!

    I believe tash has re-mastered the october show for his own records – perhaps it’ll be uploaded and replace my embarrasing effort!

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