#10 The November Show


Welcome to the penultimate RiseUp!Radio show of 2008. Apologies to those who set their alarms for midnight on 31st of October in anticipation of the November show, a large chunk of our team have bean hit with extravavgant amounts of illness but we feel it will be worth the wait. Jaques talks to the streets about their takes on our government, Doms takes us into the world of student politics and RiseUp!Radio goes to the Urban Harvest Festival and gets the low down from the windy miller. Also live music from local singer song writer My Crust, also some in studio discussion and Hilary gives us an introduction to his exciting new show ‘Looking into the Crisis’. Topped offed with a rendition of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, read live last month in Market square as part of Black History Month. Bon Appétit!

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00:02:27 Voxpop, Anarchy on the streets of Nottingham
00:05:58 Live track, My Crust – There’s always a Girl
00:08:40 Interview, Sophia talks to Dom about the Craig Cox campaign
00:20:30 Track, Oh Lovely Lie – Cinderella
00:24:22 Interview, Dom talks about the free Hich campaign
00:32:00 Interviews, Footage from the Urban Harvest Festival
00:42:30 Live Track, My Crust – Untitled
00:45:10 Studio Discussion, “The Crisis”
00:51:55 Preview, “Looking into the crisis” with Hillary
00:54:30 Live Track, My Crust
00:59:38 Track, Oh Lovely Lie
01:04:00 Discussion, Will talks about the Paris Commune
01:12:05 Speech, Martin Luther King’s speech from Market Square
01:28:10 Outro, Goodbyes


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One Response to “#10 The November Show”

  1. radiot Says:

    wicked show.. keep ’em coming

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