#14 March 2009 Show


The latest podcast fresh from the streets (well mainly living rooms actually) of Nottingham. This month we hear from the Zimbabwean opposition group about their protests in market square, Kirk gives us an update on the Shutdown H&K campaign. We talk to Martin from the animal rights movement and hear reports about the eviction and aftermath from last months occupation. Jacques gives us the latest installment of the green report which this month is all about GM. All this is broken up with music from lots of local artists including Geiom, The Kull and Martin the Livewire.


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3 Responses to “#14 March 2009 Show”

  1. listener Says:

    nice show but “Jacques gives us the latest installment of the green report” turned out to be a huge item on GM, which was great but i thought i’d mention it here as it hasn’t been mentioned up there. Also what happened to some of the editing? nice effort though – riseup radio rocks!

  2. tinmantom Says:

    I’ve changed the description to include the fact that, as you say, a large chunk of the show is about GM!

    What editing were you talking about in particular? I admit I rushed it slightly to get it out on the 1st as is tradition. If you let me know what you’re talking about I can do a re-master…

  3. listener Says:

    hey i’m not complaining, you’re guys are doing a great job! Just the GM bit with Jaques has some pauzes and funny bits 🙂

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