#15 Britain’s Moral Meltdown


People, it’s April 2009 and this month’s riseup! is a super effort. In our front lounge studio we were blessed with the talents of live musicians Posh Jay and Haiki, as our Lenton-based hosts plied us with hot tea and flapjack crumbs. We talked for hours about the hyped predictions of civil unrest, and the latest legislation to protect cops from being photographed while pro-actively attempting to crush any loose peppercorns of dissent. We also feature the forthcoming Coal Caravan, St Anns’ Fresh project, and some really good Notts electro. Have a listen, listen again, then tell someone else about it. Cheers!

Listen: player in browser

Download: mp3 | ogg

No Playlist?! Please let us know if you would like us to continue giving you a time-stamped list of the items featured in the monthly show.

Comments Please: This show is a large file of nearly two hours content! If shows are gonna be this long, should we split them up into two parts in future?


3 Responses to “#15 Britain’s Moral Meltdown”

  1. jomo Says:

    Who’s playing this music.

  2. Tinman Says:

    If you mean the banjo his name is Jacob and he lives in the house we recorded the show in. He doesn’t play out very much but as you can tell he’s rather great!

  3. Listener Says:

    I like the playlist, it satisfies the time keeping neurotic in me, please bring it back!

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