#16 Who’s watching Big Brother?


Welcome to May 2009 with RiseUp! Radio. Another packed show, with reports from London’s G20 protests, Hyson Green’s Zimbabwe Independence Day celebrations, updates from lots of really great local campaigns including Shut Down H&K, No CCTV in Forest Fields and Free Hich, interspersed with tracks from local artists and bands Fists and Spamchop, and in studio panel discussions on police brutality. How can you resist? Have a great month, make the most the sun and.. Enjoy the Show! x

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Download: mp3 | ogg


0:00:00 Intro

0:02:46 Report: Part 1 of Jacque’s G20 report from the streets of London

0:11:50 In studio reflections and experiences of the G20 protests London April 1st

0:33:00 Track: Satnam’s Tash – The spaceship song

0:35:34 Report: Angela reports from the Zimbabwe Independence Day Celebrations Hyson Green

0:52:93 Track: Dawntreader – Trojan

0:57:08 Dom talks to Kirk about the Shut Down H&K Campaign

1:07:15 Track: Fists – Cockatoo

1:09:35 Panel Discussion: Police Brutality

1:40:33 Track: Muteqx – Snap in time

1:47:40 Interveiw: Free Hich and Ceasefire Update

1:53:14 Report: Part 2 of Jacque’s G20 report from the streets of London

2:04:09 Track: Muteqx – Chronicles

2:10:50 Interview: Dave talks to RiseUp! Radio about the No to CCTV in Forest fields Campaign

2:36:39 Track: Spamchop – Stripey

2:42:00 Close


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