#17 Struggle in Our Cities


Hi folks. Can you believe the weather? In this first June installation, we cover a jolly folk dance day that happened in Forest Fields on perhaps the only rainy weekend of last month. Nevertheless, lots of people, music and dance, with a tastefully anti-authoritarian undercurrent.

We’re also hanging out at the occupied JB Spray factory building, where we talk about squatting and the dangers of racist party the BNP’s election campaigning. And we go ‘daan sarf’ to meet some rather motivated city folk, who claim to be in the process of setting up no fewer than eleven workers’ co-ops one one estate!

Listen to all that, and more to come so very soon. Love from the Riseup! crew.


Download: mp3 | ogg


00:00 – Music from Babaganushka

01:55 – ‘Squat Lobster’ on squatting in Nottingham and the JB Spray factory

13:43 – Music from World Folk Dance day at Sumac Centre

17:52 – About the Folk Dance Day and fund

21:19 – Smoothies at the Folk Dance Day

23:27 – Radical Routes Conference

26:11 – Glenn from Luton’s Marsh Farm Estate

32:55 – More from Babaganushka

35:59 – Music and speech from Mayday in Nottingham

(42:13 – Campaign against Post Office privatisation)

49:11 – Irish Music at the Folk Dance

53:28 – Hilary on the BNP

62:14 – More from the Ceilidh band

66:14 – Goodbye from the new format Riseup! Radio

67:06 – Happy Birthday Tim

69:22 – End.


4 Responses to “#17 Struggle in Our Cities”

  1. mike_nz Says:

    nice podcast!
    Clear sound-sometimes Diss.island field recordings are distorted/noisy backround/clipped so good to hear pristine clear audio.

    what audio gear do you use? Im interested in value for money sound recording ie cheap berry condensor mic + usb + laptop…

    • lambchang Says:

      Hi Mike,

      Glad you like the podcast, and especially happy that you think the audio sounds good, it wasn’t always like that (and to be fair sometimes still isn’t). The equipment we use varies from show to show depending on where we are recording and who is setting it up, for a while we were using a lovely Sony mixer found in a bin, but alas it has since died – this really is DIY radio!

  2. au Says:

    where is part II ? month gone by and I’m a keen listener. Keep up the good work 😉

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