What’s going on at Marsh Farm?


Marsh Farm Outreach is a self managed workers co-operative based on the Marsh Farm Estate, Luton, made up of 12 local people all working mainly in a voluntary capacity to design, develop, promote and fight for community-driven solutions to poverty, social exclusion and dependency instead of sustaining the top down gravy train of the community regeneration and economic development industry.


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Marsh Farm is also home to the Leviticus Collective, a community sound system and stand up fer yer rights collective, specialising in dance parties and festivals, and community, workplace and housing projects. With about 50 active members living in Luton, hundreds attend their community dances with stances.

‘For us it’s all about grabbing land by all non-violent means necessary and building alternatives on that land.’




One Response to “What’s going on at Marsh Farm?”

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