Green Report

The Green Report is a personal journey of investigation into issues of sustainability in food production. In these podcasts, released approximately one every six weeks, we’ll also explore and illustrate how people are producing and supporting the production of food using a variety of methods believed to be more sustainable than modern methods of intensive agriculture. If you have any queries or thoughts, you can leave a comment on this page, or email us. Many thanks!

Latest Green Report:
Talking about Organics

May 25, 2009

The Fresh project now occupies a large number of plots at the St Anns allotments, and produces organic soft fruit and vegetables for a seasonal veg box scheme. Fresh also run short courses in organic growing, which have provided practical educational opportunities for adults. Participants on the ‘Fresh Ingredients’ course spent one day a week in the gardens, and one day a week in the kitchen learning ways of preparing the kinds of fresh food we are likely to get off an allotment. I was allowed into the wooden shack-classroom at the top of their impressive site, and had a chat with people in the penultimate week of their course, about the pros and cons of gardening with, or without chemicals. We also talked about market forces and how accessible organic food is, as well as the land to grow it on. Are things changing?


Download: mp3 | ogg

To see the all of the published audio Green Reports, visit the Green Report Archive


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