Letters From…


Finally, after much waiting, and with many apologies for the delay, letters from Bologna have arrived! Or at least the first one has, the second and third will be with us within the weekend. From the home of Gramsci and the red city of Bologna come stories of resistance to fascism, student action, the power of community centres, Anglo-Italian indie rock, anti-mtv day, bullshit Willie and a brief guide to the political history of modern Italy. Many, many thanks to all those who helped, each and every one of he mighty mighty people of XM24, Gabriele, Ferruccio, my gracious hosts Magpie Wedding, and of course your good selves for listening.

Here is part 1. Part’s 2 and 3 will join us later in the week.
Download: mp3 ogg vorbis

And here are parts two!
Download: mp3

and three!
Download: mp3

ogg vorbis

For more of the music used on the show:
archive.org – run a search for ‘antimtvday’
And for the videos mentioned by our friends at XM24
rotsuma.contaminati.net – video
peaceobservatory.org – free download of video of Colombia

Letters from Milwaukee: Download: mp3
For more info email: lettersfrom@riseup.net

9 Responses to “Letters From…”

  1. Dear Astronaut»Blog Archive » Letters from Milwaukee Says:

    […] Recently Jeb (and a few other Milwaukee folks) spoke with Dominic over at Rise Up Radio for their new show Letters From […]

  2. Peet Says:

    Good show Dom! I really enjoyed it. I think we should feature bit of it on the next rise up radio show.

  3. wietse Says:

    yeah, wicked show Dom! Where will the next one take us?

  4. Dom Says:

    Currently working on shows from New Zealand and from Bologna, I was hoping to have the NZ one done by the end of the month, but we’ll see how that goes. The Bologna one should be interesting as I’m going over there to record it.

  5. JOhnny Says:

    web info from italy was good, useful, things there seem abit depressing, must be said that the fascists mentioned who attacked people had their asses kicked, you can see the images on recent IMC pages.
    Not sure why you interiewed so many people with prejudice against anarchism, with marxists in america including Abi Rockefeller etc, you should have maybe challenged that. One of the people you interviewed says they dont like to be associated with left, its not suprising. Dictatorship of the right or left sucks, anarchism is about direct democracy.
    Iam hoping theres some interiews with Alicia Keys soon or , in gaurdian interview recently she called herself a anarchist, nothing wrong with abit of fame.

  6. Magpie Wedding » Blog Archive » On The Radio and Unplugged Says:

    […] We recently did an interview and played a couple of songs unplugged for the ‘Letters From…’ show on Riseup Radio in Nottingham. The show is all about Bologna and has music and interviews with people living in the city, all conducted in English. You can listen to it here. […]

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  8. Carroll B. Merrimans Says:

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  9. Hollington Says:

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