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#21 Break up the Party!

August 2, 2009

This week we have more reporting from Calais, where increasingly violent deportations of people seeking asylum are being monitored by No Borders activists. Back in the UK, while legitimised gatherings are now being targetted by the authorities, other spaces are secure and viable. We hear about an upcoming event at the occupied JB Spray former factory building, where from August 21-23rd people interested in or active on migration and related issues are invited to a weekend of discussions and workshops on the theme of going ‘Beyond Borders’. We talk to one of the event’s organisers.

Also check in for the latest on plans to scupper the racist plot-fest the ‘Red, White and Blue’ festival, coming to a town near you this August, and find out about a new alternative mental health project in Nottingham, as Ben has a chat with Penny. Special thanks must go out to Leni Ward, Home Stereo and Made of Leaves for coming to the rescue and sorting the music for the show at the last minute. Y’all sounding great!

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Peas x

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00:00:00 – Prelude: Nick Griffin (on BBC)
00:01:00 – Intro
00:02:34 – Hilary on No Borders
00:12:26 – Dom on No Borders
00:21:00 – Beyond Borders
00:26:34 – Track: Can’t Be Won’t Be by Leni Ward (from LP ‘Body’)
00:30:13 – Red White & Blue
00:38:38 – Track: Walk Away by Home Stereo
00:41:31 – Penny on the Alternative Mental Health project
00:47:24 – Track: Burn by Leni Ward (from ‘Body’)
00:51:21 – Outro
00:52:25 – Track: Broken Light by Made of Leaves
00:59:08 – FIN