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#22 – Phoneix Park

March 12, 2013

Wow, that was quite a long commercial break!
We’re back with show packed full of exciting projects and great music. Here’s a rundown of the show times to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re really sorry about the sound quality on some of this – we’ve not really moved with the times and have some pretty out dated equipment! We’ll be sure to make more of an effort next month to make it a bit more pro!


00:02:15 Anonymous Demo in Market square
00:08:35 Calais training weekend
00:14:25 [Music] Geiom – 2 4 6
00:16:50 Shakedown chat
00:20:45 [Music] Jay Cob – Interlude
00:21:55 NG7 Foodbank
00:32:30 A4E Protest – Workfare discussion
00:41:30 [Music] DJ Rubbish – Coming up right
00:43:50 Autonomous Nottingham
00:47:55 [Music] Bison – Pressing the flesh
00:53:20 Wasteland twinning project
01:03:50 Voices from the borders
01:08.45 [Music] Origin One – Crisis
1:12:40 Anti-destitution project
1:15:20 [Music] Seas of Mirth – 1000% Overproof Rum
1:19:45 UK Uncut
1:23:10 Bedroom Tax
1:26:10 Studio discussion on community resistance
1:29:15 Neo-liberal policies in Greece
1:32:20 [Music] Spamchop Cuckup
1:36:30 Stop G8 campaign
1:39:20 Diary

It’s great to be back!

Peas x

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