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#23 Ding-Dong!

April 18, 2013

An old woman from Grantham dies, but capitalism lives on. Thankfully in this show we’re talking about alternative economic model parecon, so hopefully we’ll have brought the system down by the next show. In order to do this we’ll need some planes of war which is fortunate because we have El Dia spitting them out. We got Kebab bringing us news on photographic exploration of journey’s and the bedroom tax demo. Plus music from Morris Cowen and Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy.

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0:00- 2:17 Intro to the show

2:18- 10:17 Osman’s journey

10:18- 20:34 Report on Art project about people’s journeys and the shoes they were

20:35- 27:07- Thatcher is Dead party in the market square

27:08- 39:03- Thatcher is Dead studio discussion

39:04- 47:23- [Music] Serialiser by Morris Morris Cowan

47:24- 52:13- Paracon at Cafe Eqonomique

52:14- 58:24- What is Capitalism?

58:25- 1:05:08- Studio Discussion on spreading alternatives to Capitalism

1:05:09- 1:12:18- Report from the Bedroom Tax protest in the market square

1:12:18- 1:16:46- [Music] Planes of War by El Dia

1:16:46-End [Music] Totally Mexico by Fresh eyes for the dead guy!


#22 – Phoneix Park

March 12, 2013

Wow, that was quite a long commercial break!
We’re back with show packed full of exciting projects and great music. Here’s a rundown of the show times to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re really sorry about the sound quality on some of this – we’ve not really moved with the times and have some pretty out dated equipment! We’ll be sure to make more of an effort next month to make it a bit more pro!


00:02:15 Anonymous Demo in Market square
00:08:35 Calais training weekend
00:14:25 [Music] Geiom – 2 4 6
00:16:50 Shakedown chat
00:20:45 [Music] Jay Cob – Interlude
00:21:55 NG7 Foodbank
00:32:30 A4E Protest – Workfare discussion
00:41:30 [Music] DJ Rubbish – Coming up right
00:43:50 Autonomous Nottingham
00:47:55 [Music] Bison – Pressing the flesh
00:53:20 Wasteland twinning project
01:03:50 Voices from the borders
01:08.45 [Music] Origin One – Crisis
1:12:40 Anti-destitution project
1:15:20 [Music] Seas of Mirth – 1000% Overproof Rum
1:19:45 UK Uncut
1:23:10 Bedroom Tax
1:26:10 Studio discussion on community resistance
1:29:15 Neo-liberal policies in Greece
1:32:20 [Music] Spamchop Cuckup
1:36:30 Stop G8 campaign
1:39:20 Diary

It’s great to be back!

Peas x

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