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#22 – Phoneix Park

March 12, 2013

Wow, that was quite a long commercial break!
We’re back with show packed full of exciting projects and great music. Here’s a rundown of the show times to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re really sorry about the sound quality on some of this – we’ve not really moved with the times and have some pretty out dated equipment! We’ll be sure to make more of an effort next month to make it a bit more pro!


00:02:15 Anonymous Demo in Market square
00:08:35 Calais training weekend
00:14:25 [Music] Geiom – 2 4 6
00:16:50 Shakedown chat
00:20:45 [Music] Jay Cob – Interlude
00:21:55 NG7 Foodbank
00:32:30 A4E Protest – Workfare discussion
00:41:30 [Music] DJ Rubbish – Coming up right
00:43:50 Autonomous Nottingham
00:47:55 [Music] Bison – Pressing the flesh
00:53:20 Wasteland twinning project
01:03:50 Voices from the borders
01:08.45 [Music] Origin One – Crisis
1:12:40 Anti-destitution project
1:15:20 [Music] Seas of Mirth – 1000% Overproof Rum
1:19:45 UK Uncut
1:23:10 Bedroom Tax
1:26:10 Studio discussion on community resistance
1:29:15 Neo-liberal policies in Greece
1:32:20 [Music] Spamchop Cuckup
1:36:30 Stop G8 campaign
1:39:20 Diary

It’s great to be back!

Peas x

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#14 March 2009 Show

March 1, 2009

The latest podcast fresh from the streets (well mainly living rooms actually) of Nottingham. This month we hear from the Zimbabwean opposition group about their protests in market square, Kirk gives us an update on the Shutdown H&K campaign. We talk to Martin from the animal rights movement and hear reports about the eviction and aftermath from last months occupation. Jacques gives us the latest installment of the green report which this month is all about GM. All this is broken up with music from lots of local artists including Geiom, The Kull and Martin the Livewire.


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