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#24 Dont Get Short With Me!

May 1, 2013

The May 2013 edition of Riseup! Radio is here!

We’re having a go at going shorter but more regular – expect shows clocking in at under an hour every couple of weeks.

This show we talk to someone from Chiapas about what’s going on in the Zapatista communities over there. We hear about the on going court case against a group of squatters in Germany. Doom brings us up to speed on the case of a Nottingham man who has been unjustly been put on remand for alleged “threatening behaviour” during a DWP interview. We also catch up with Eva at Nottingham Uni. to talk about the crossovers between activism and academia with a focus on animal rights and Veganism.

We also get a couple of poems from a local group called Persona Non Gratis

All this and a fresh tune from Gallery 47 and Metaphi’s remix of the Animist tune Tin Head

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Intro 1
Squat Mainz interview 2
Mr BaudelaireBy Gallery 47 3
Zapatista discussion 4
Cynical critic from the inside of a bubbleBy Persona Nongrata 5
Steve Topley campaign 6
Tin Head (Metaphi Remix)By Animist 7
Chat with Eva about Veganism and the academia/activist crossover 8
N/aBy Persona Nongrata



#7 The August Show

July 31, 2008

A very special show for a very special month! Almost entirely recorded at the Sumac Garden Party, on 20th July, it features live recordings from bands such as Kambasemba, Wholesome Fish and the Bonsai Project. The Garden Party took place to raise funds and awareness for the Climate Camp and there was plenty of it.. There is also a report from the strawbale building going on at the Ecoworks allotment, there is talk of the upcoming mobilisation against the BNP festival and a wicked report by Louisa from the Forest Fields Community Centre Open Day. Also poetry by Howard and Ceinie reports from Scrufts, the first Forest Fields dog show. And there’s some more stuff but you’ll have to tune in to find out more.. We’ll be off to the Climate Camp this coming week. You can follow live radio coverage from UK Indymedia.

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#4 The May Show

April 29, 2008

Ahoy there Landlubbers! Are you ready to tune in to another baddy chasing, wind generating, solar cooking edition of your Riseup! Radio? This month we’re up to no good at the offices of power company E-On, we learn more about the current situation in Zimbabwe and talk to Aran about how we are going to prepare ourselves for when the oil runs out. We also have live music by Joss and some fine poems from our DIY poets. We talk to Tom from NSPM about the recent Civil Liberties Conference and find out more about the Mule, a free newspaper which is to hit Nottingham’s streets later this month. Oh, and not forgetting some crackin’ tunes by Trickster, Wholesome Fish, PopX and Martin the Livewire.

Stay tuned for more!

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